The final report of the research project ‘Welfare needs of Turkish and Kurdish Communities’ will be launched on July 8th at Middlesex University.

The study was conducted by Alessio D’Angelo with Ozlem Galip and Neil Kaye, in partnership with Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre.

The launch will be part of a broader event on ‘Welfare needs of BME communities: gathering evidence to inform community interventions’

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20 February 2013
The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL

In the early 1990’s the Turkish authorities were responsible for the wholesale destruction of over 3,000 villages in South East Turkey, together with many other human rights violations against a Kurdish minority of some 20 million people. Nearly 20 years later, and despite numerous judgements of the European Court of Human Rights, very few of the perpetrators have been brought to justice. Much international criticism is also still focused on Turkey’s failure to address the need to respect the cultural and language rights of the Kurdish people, and the “Kurdish Problem” remains one of the greatest challenges faced by Turkey in its efforts to become an effective modern democracy with appropriate respect for human rights, due process, and the rule of law.

This event, arranged in conjunction with Human Rights Watch, which recently published a major report on accountability in relation to the activities of the state in the early 1990’s will bring together international lawyers who helped take the ECHR cases to Strasbourg and domestic lawyers in Turkey who worked “on the ground” to collate the body of evidence which demands further prosecutions of those responsible for the gross human rights violations which the ECHR found proven. Speakers include Emma Sinclair Webb, author of the Human Rights Watch report, Professor Francoise Hampson of the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex (who together with her colleague Professor Kevin Boyle received the Liberty “Human Rights Lawyer of the Year” award for her work on the Kurdish cases), and Tahir Elci, President of the Diyarbakir Bar, who was himself involved in many of the ECHR cases, including Ozkan v Turkey, the largest of the village destruction cases to come before the ECHR. 20th February 2013 is in fact the 20th anniversary of the attack on the village of Ormanici which formed the basis of this case.

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Friday, 1st February 2013 (2.30pm-4pm)
Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre, 16 Howard Road, London N16 8PU

This event will see the launch of the preliminary findings of a community-based research project – and will also represent an opportunity for discussion with members of the community and other local stakeholders.

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15 June – 8 July 2012

Now in its 23rd edition, Day-Mer’s multi-cultural festival is the longest running festival in Hackeny and in the Turkish and Kurdish community. The final Park Festival will take place on Sunday 8th July in Clissold Park. The event will include Ferhat Tunc and Sevval Sam, two renowned musicians from Turkey. There will also be local musicians – bringing their own flavour of music for peace and unity – and stalls from various organisations giving out information, bookstalls and, of course, food and drinks.

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Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan – Passionate Poems of Rumi
15 June 2012, 19:30, Barbican Hall

Renown Kurdish musician Kayhan Kalhor will playing live at Barbican centre together with Erdal Erzincan.

The Kurdish/ Irianian Kayhan Kalhor is a four-time Grammy nominee and original member of Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble and a virtuoso of the kamancheh (Persian four-stringed spiked fiddle). He is joined by Turkey’s Erdal Erzincan, master of the baglama (longneck lute) for an evening of entrancing music. The performance will include music improvised from their collaborative album, The Wind, exploring the rich and varied musical repertoire of their regions as they plunge into the magic of Sufi poetry, inspired by the passionate work of the 13th century mystic poet, Jelaluddin Rumi.

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Turkish Migration in Europe – Projecting the next 50 years
7-9 December 2012, London

This major international conference will examine current and future migration from Turkey into Europe over the next half century. Confirmed keynote speakers include prof Tariq Modood, prof Thomas Faist, prof Philip Martin and prof Kemal Kirisci.

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‘The Kurds and Kurdistan: Considering Continuity and Change’
Exeter, 6-8 September 2012

Organised by the Centre for Kurdish Studies (University of Exeter), this conference aims to bring together scholars from all over the world, working in political science, geography, anthropology, history, literature, linguistics, gender studies and other disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

“Since our first international conference on Kurdish Studies in 2009, the States where Kurds live have seen tumultuous events. The Iranian elections and their aftermath have been followed by the protests in Iraq, anger over the referendum and elections in Turkey, and huge violence in Syria. As many ask whether the so-called ‘Arab spring’ will bring change to the Middle East, we would like to interrogate the very ideas of continuity and change themselves across a number of disciplines. Does complete ‘rupture’ ever occur in history? Does regime change bring real differences in people’s lives? When migration brings change to individuals and families, what continuity is maintained in order to re-produce identity? How does language change and how far should linguistic change be managed? How should we study cultural continuity which exists over ethnic boundaries and international frontiers? What have been the changes and continuities within the field of Kurdish studies itself?”

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