Kurdish community organisations in London: a social network analysis

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Resources

D’Angelo, Alessio (2008) Kurdish community organisations in London: a social network analysis. Working Paper. Middlesex University

This paper aims to contribute to the debate on ethnic community organisations and social capital analysing the structures and functions of networks among Kurdish community organisations in London. Though encompassing a wide range of differences, Kurdish communities show a significant internal cohesion, which has strengthened in recent years. In the last two decades several organisations have been set up to address the specific needs of these communities and to promote their cultural identity. The complex network of relations in which Kurdish organisations operate has a major role in shaping their daily life and activities. Personal relations between coordinators and board members emerge as the main factor influencing the development of organisational links. An important role is also played by the kind of services provided and by the characteristics of users and members of staff. Organisational networks appear to enhance the Social Capital of both organisations and the people they serve.

To download click here.

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